What is the difference between Pilates and Core & More?

Imagine if there was an exercise class that not only used the pilates method but offered individualised sessions, had a physio as the instructor AND allowed you to claim private health?! Well lucky you! There is! It’s called Core & More (formerly know as Mat Based Exercise Class). 

Both Pilates and Core & More provide an avenue for low impact exercise. You know the type where you don’t have to run, jump or lift heavy weights yet you feel the nice burn as your muscles fire up? However, at EP Physio Plus we offer Core & More with the added benefits of having a Physiotherapist at your beck and call to guide you through safe, supervised movement. 

Before you dive into the group setting and become a part of the booty burning team, you will have a one on one assessment with the instructing Physiotherapist. This is done to not only ensure that Core & More is right for you but also provide the Physiotherapist with an awareness of your abilities and goals so they can individualise intensity levels and make programs all inclusive. The best bit, you can claim this appointment on private health too! 

So what does Core & More look like at EP Physio Plus? 

Well we’re glad you asked! We use pilates methods to design a 45 minute full body workout which targets the small muscle groups that often get neglected and lead to injury. The best thing about it, you get to lie down most of the time! Imagine that! 45 minutes of “you” time lying on the floor whilst you wrack up a sweat and discover muscles you never knew existed, no knee jarring involved! To top it off, we also incorporate stretching and relaxation so all bases are covered.

What are the benefits of Core & More? 

  • Builds strength
  • Increases flexibility 
  • Helps prevent and repair injuries 
  • Improves posture and builds core strength 
  • Develops neglected muscles usually forgotten in alternate exercise 
  • Reduces stress 

And before you ask, no it’s not gender specific! The pilates method was actually created by a man named Joseph Pilates for the purpose of rehabilitating soldiers post war. So if you’re one of those injury prone sportsmen always “pulling a hammy” Core & More is right for you! Build up those muscles so you find yourself on the field more than the bench! 

Young or young at heart? Making your post injury comeback? Pregnant or just had a baby? Got a niggle in your knee, ankle, wrist or shoulder and want to keep fit and active? Mat Based Exercise Class is for you! Give us a call on 8682 6665 and speak to one of our Allied Health Professionals about how you can join Core & More today!

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