Chronic Pain

Understanding Pain in less than 5 Minutes
A great and quick video to teach you about how pain works and to challenge your previous beliefs.

The Drug Cabinet in the Brain
Watch about how your brain is your most powerful drug when fighting pain

Tame The Beast
Rethinking Persistent Pain

Pain Science
Good advice for aches, pains & injuries

Greg Lehman's Recovery Strategies Pain Workbook
Free download to learn about how to recover from your pain.

Women's Health

Stretches for Pelvic Pain
Remember to breathe and do your head to toe body screen and relaxation while you're in these poses.–-Women.pdf


Exercise for Kids Handbook
Download here:

Exercise Chronic Conditions
Learn how exercise can assist you living with a chronic condition (and all sorts, such as cancer, mental health, menopause etc) here:

Physical Activity Guidelines
How much exercise is right for you? This is a great resource with information for you, whether you are 5 years old or 75 years old!