The 'Offseason'

With football, netball and hockey seasons recently coming to a close, now is the perfect time to get on top of those niggling injuries that have been going on in the background all season. Whether it be an achy knee, ankle or tight hamstring or low back, now is a great time to get on top of it to make sure things are cherry ripe for next season! 

The team at EP Physio Plus can you help get the most out of your body by performing a thorough examination of the area as well as the joints and muscles above a below to give you a clear idea of where you’re at as well as explaining where you need to get to so you can enjoy your favourite sport without limitation! This examination will consist of assessing your range of motion, muscle strength, muscle endurance and power. Only recently, our assessment skills have been supercharged with the addition of the awesome VALD Performance System. 

This system consists of the Force Decks and the Force Frame. The Force Decks are a set of metal plates that can measure weight distribution, force production and and power output helping us to accurately measure discrepancies between sides. This is extremely useful for both diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes. Some common tests we perform on these decks are jump height, hop height, lateral hopping, ankle stability and squatting. This assists us to be extremely specific with our exercise prescription to ensure we are targeting the muscles impacting performance. 

Similarly the Force Frame shows us how much force a muscle can produce with a single contraction, different to the Force Decks, the Force Frame allows us to target individual muscle groups and test them specifically comparing sides for discrepancies. These strength differences from side to side can often lead us to what muscle group we need to work on to maximize performance. The Force Frame allows us to test every joint in the body from the neck down to the feet giving us a really detailed picture of your strength in each joint. Again, this information allows us to be super specific and targeted with our rehabilitation and reassessment so we can gauge your improvement!

Using both of these tools in combination with our other assessment methods, we will be able to address the areas you need to work on this off season to make season 2022 your biggest and best yet!

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