S.M.A.R.Ten up your New Years goals

Many people take the start of the new year as the perfect opportunity to start fresh and make some goals for the new year whether they be fitness, financial, health or otherwise. For most people, these goals are short lived and fall into the “I’ll try again next year” basket. This is mainly due to having no real plan or steps in place to achieve their goal.

But this year is going to be different isn’t it? Why you ask?

I am going to teach how to set more effective and achievable goals so that we make this year you can happily tick off that new years resolution as a success!

When setting goals, we use the acronym ‘SMART’ which stands for:

An example of a SMART goal would be “run 5km in under 25 minutes by the end of April”. It’s specific to an area of interest, the 5km is a measurable amount, it’s achievable and realistic in the timeframe given and it has a date to be achieved by. If you use these criteria to help you set your own goals, you’ve given yourself a greater chance over someone who’s goal might just simply be “be more active”.

Whether your goal is to run a marathon or something as simple as being able to keep up with the grandkids, If you’ve got a health or fitness goal in mind that you’d like to ‘SMART’en up, it would be well worth your time to come down to EP Physio Plus where we can help to refine your goal so it seems more achievable than ever. We will work with to break down your bigger goal into smaller milestones so you can celebrate little wins along the way to keep you motivated!

So stop putting it off and make 2020 the year where you finally tick off your New Years Resolution!!

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