Physiotherapy- It's more than just pain relief

Often when Physio’s ask their client why they decided to book an initial appointment, the main reason is “pain”. 

“My shoulder hurts”, “my neck hurts” etc..

This is completely normal and understandable. Physiotherapists are equipped with a wide variety of techniques to assist with pain relief and can absolutely help reduce your pain!

However, pain will always come and go. Pain is designed to protect our body and alert us if there is a potential threat to our body. It’s not always a bad thing!

BUT if this pain is stopping you from doing activities that you enjoy doing, or if it’s stopping you from working productively or preventing you from sleeping, then it can have a massive impact on your quality of life.

This is why when you see one of our Physiotherapists at EP Physio Plus, one of the first questions you get asked will be about goals and what you’d like to achieve by seeing a Physio. By having a clear understanding of the activities or tasks you are having issues with, we can tailor our treatment towards your needs. 

For example, if you’re finding that you’re unable to play golf due to your back, our physiotherapists can assess your movement and tailor an exercise program addressing any impairments that may be affecting you golf swing so that you are able to swing more comfortably.

These goals don’t need to be sport-related either! Even if simply standing up from a chair is difficult and uncomfortable for you, we can devise a treatment plan to help you do this task more comfortably.

So next time you come to see one of our great Physio’s, remember that we can do more than just relieve pain! Through a combination of manual therapy and targeted exercise, we can help get you moving better and back to doing the activities you enjoy doing more comfortably!

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