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It’s Most of us have New Year’s resolutions that we’d like to kick off the year with. For many of us, that includes a new health and fitness regime. To avoid any setbacks to your health and fitness program, make sure that you are free from any pain or lingering injury. Don’t ignore any existing or mild injuries that you may be suffering from. They can disrupt your goals, creating unnecessary and frustrating obstacles. 

Our Physios, here at EP Physio Plus can help you with any aches and pains that you may be suffering from. And our Exercise Physiologists can help develop a rehabilitation program that will help you to achieve your goals. Often a rehab or preventative program that runs parallel to your fitness regime can help you get back on track. Our clinicians can also help you by giving you advice and adjustments to your program and progressing them as you improve. Importantly, they can stop any current issues from becoming larger, to stop these problems interfering with your health and fitness goals.

What are the common reasons people fail to achieve their health goals?

It is usually one or all of the following:

  • Injury – if you don’t manage an underlying issue to start with, you’re much more susceptible to suffering a more significant injury that will stop you exercising.
  • Inappropriate exercise or advice – doing exercise that isn’t suitable for you will lead to soreness, injury or lack of progress with your goals.
  • Lack of motivation – everyone hits low points when trying to improve fitness, lose weight, build strength or improve flexibility – having someone there to support you through the challenges will ensure success.

So what’s the best way to overcome these challenges?

Surround yourself with the right team to ensure your goal is reached.  Our clinicians can carry out an assessment to highlight any underlying risk factors that will reduce your risk of injury and manage any problem before it stops you exercising.  Seeing our Exercise Physiologists could ensure you’re doing exercises that are best for you and most suitable for your goal, whether it be improving fitness, reducing weight or general toning and strengthening.  

Need some inspiration for a worthwhile New Year’s Resolution that you might actually keep? Here are a few recommended resolutions that will act as investments in both your short and long term health.

1. Sit Less: New studies showing just how bad sitting is for your health are convincing us that a lifestyle change is in order. Limit your sitting to four hours a day, set an alarm to remind you to get up every hour or invest in a standing workstation. This is one great investment in your long term health.

 2. Find a physical activity that you actually like: Too many of us fail to stick to an exercise program because we don’t choose the right activity for us. This year, try to find an activity that you really enjoy. It can be anything from regular games of golf, to dancing, to bike riding. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as it gets you moving. 

3. Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor correctly: Pelvic floor weakness is a common problem that affects both men and women, often resulting in incontinence and pain. The good news is that most pelvic floor disorders can be treated with specific exercises. Unfortunately, many people actually do these exercises the wrong way, making the problem worse. Speak to our Physiotherapists to find out how they can help ensure you have correct technique.

 4. Make sure you warm-up and stretch correctly: Warming up is an important part of your exercise routine as it can help prevent injury. If you are unfamiliar with stretching and different techniques involved, a Mat Based Exercise Class (also known as clinical pilates) may be the answer you need. Mat Based Exercise focuses on activating the strength of the core muscles that support the spine and balancing the muscles of the body to create increased strength and can help to  aid and speed up recovery for a number of different issues.

Remember to make your goals S.M.A.R.T

Making an actionable plan and setting goals are the most important steps to achieving improved physical health. To give yourself the best chance of sticking to your goals, they must be S.M.A.R.T – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. Once you have your SMART goal in mind, you will be able to create a plan for how you’ll achieve it.

Don’t do it alone, you don’t need to undertake your 2021 health and fitness goals alone,  we can support you in achieving your new year’s resolutions. 

Call us on 8682 6665 to arrange your appointment to Identify, set, track and alter your SMART goals this new year.

Bring on 2021!

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