Neuro exercise group.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition with a variety of symptoms that include tremors, slowness of movement and rigidity. It is estimated that 100,000 Australians are living with Parkinson’s. Unfortunately, there is no cure for people living with Parkinson’s and their symptoms cause them to struggle with everyday activities as they struggle to move freely.

Fortunately people living with Parkinsons and other neurological conditions are able to manage their symptoms through physical activity and exercise. All forms of exercise and training such as resistance, aerobic, balance, flexibility and continuous/repetitive exercise are beneficial. Exercise can help improve mobility and physical capacity as it increases muscular strength and cardiorespiratory fitness. It also encourages neuroplasticity, which is the ability to create new neural pathways in the brain. As these aspects improve, quality of life improves as you can continue to engage in valued activities, maintain independence and reduce the level of care required. 

Due to their symptoms, people living with Parkinsons and other neurological conditions find engaging in exercise and physical activity difficult, so they avoid it. This can often increase the severity of their symptoms. Another problem is not having the understanding or support to engage in exercise.

Thankfully, this is where we can provide assistance and support as we have both the understanding and training to help people living with neurological disorders manage their conditions and symptoms. An option we are going to start at EP Physio Plus is a group exercise class run by our two Exercise Physiologists, specifically for people with neurological conditions. This class will provide people with the opportunity to exercise in a supervised and safe manner with guidance and support to help them through. Not only will this help people manage their symptoms, but it is also a great opportunity to socialise and interact with people experiencing the same struggles as them. Classes will be specifically designed with exercises that will help manage symptoms but will be completed in a fun and enjoyable way.

If you would like some more information or are interested in joining the class, please give us a call on 8682 6665. Spots will be limited so please express your interest early to ensure a spot.  

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