Let's all go fishing this summer!

Who doesn't love getting out on the water, casting a line and reeling in some fish?

With the weather starting to warm up and winter sports done and dusted, many of us are looking forward to the opportunity to partake in one of our favorite pastimes, fishing!

Now, as relaxing and enjoyable as fishing is, it can be quite difficult if you aren't physically capable or are experiencing pain and discomfort from an injury.

We don't want this to stop you, so let's do something about it so you can enjoy some time on the water this summer.

Some of the common concerns we hear that prevent people from going fishing is lack of strength, poor mobility and balance. Thankfully for all of these concerns we can do something about it.

Think about all of the tasks you might require strength for:

- Pulling up the anchor
- Winding your trailer winch
- Pulling the crab nets
- Reeling in the BARREL of a tuna

What about the tasks requiring mobility:

- Getting in and out of a boat

- Walking over sandhills
- Climbing over rocks

And Balance:

- Standing on a moving boat
- Casting a line in a tight area
- Standing on uneven surfaces like rocks
- Stepping into a boat 

If you have found that one of these parts of fishing is the reason you aren’t getting out then you are probably wondering what you can do about it. The answer is quite simple, EXERCISE.

Okay so it might not be quite as simple as that, but that is where we can come in to help. Our well trained Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists can assess you and come up with a suitable and appropriate exercise program to address any areas of concern and treat any injuries. Many exercises that we prescribe can be completed with little to no equipment and are quite simple to complete, even at home. As well as this we can also prescribe stretching techniques for you to do before a fishing trip or on the boat.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram over the next few weeks as we post some videos of some simple exercises that can be completed at home to help with balance, strength and mobility. Let us know how you go!

If you need assistance and would like to book an appointment to come up with an exercise program then give us a call today on 8682 6665, or click 'book now' below to book an appointment online now.

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