I couldn't do my exercises because..............

Are you someone who struggles with motivation to exercise? Do you have every excuse under the sun for not exercising? If so, continue reading as I’m going to give you the answer you’ve been searching for.

So, here is the problem. You know that exercise is good for you and you know it’s going to help with that achy shoulder or knee that you’ve got. But, you can’t seem to get into the routine of exercising at home. There’s always an excuse, it could be the weather, lack of time, lack of energy or countless other things getting in the way. Over time, the problem becomes worse, the frustrations begin and you end up back at square one.

So, a great solution to this is group exercise here in our gym at EP Physio Plus.

We structure our sessions so that you have your own personalised exercise program. You complete the program using our brand-new gym facilities alongside other group members. Our Exercise Physiologists are on hand throughout the sessions to guide and supervise. 

There are 3 great reasons to try group exercise:

  • Regular sessions throughout the week helps you to build routine and good habits.You make the appointment and it's locked in as time to spend on YOURSELF. There’s also the added bonuses of an Exercise Physiologist to be accountable to and an SMS reminder.
  • Socialising with like-minded others who are also working toward their exercise goals.The endorphins that release in your brain when you exercise help to give the group sessions a friendly and social atmosphere. Many friendships have formed from a shared passion for improving your health (and the option to go for a coffee afterwards!).
  • Supervision and guidance from our Exercise Physiologists.The worry about whether you are exercising effectively often reduces consistency. Our groups give you independence to complete a program targeted at your goals, and confidence that our Exercise Physiologists are keeping a close eye on you.

Each week in the EP Physio Plus gym we have over 60 clients exercising in our group sessions. We see great results on a daily basis and have the perfect facilities to help many many more.

So if you’re still reading, then something must’ve caught your attention. If you need to get on track with your exercise, our group sessions are the perfect option for you. Click the link below to get in touch!

Call us today on 8682 6665 or book online www.epphysioplus.com 

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