How to feel better in Mind and Body...

Are you like me, and have body niggles that really annoy you? Perhaps you have noisy thoughts.

Do you want a calmer body and a quieter mind?

Mindful movement is a great way to shift your focus from that niggle that’s gnawing at you, and instead move your body purposefully and positively.

Like a snowball effect, or a stone in your shoe, sometimes the niggle builds up to a bigger problem. There are all sorts of pressures on our time and our lives these days. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire - right? Would you wait for the whole bbq to be alight before you turn off the gas?!

Have you noticed with mounting worries….looming tax time…covid interrupting our family gathering AGAIN….doing and giving so much to others and leaving no time for you…that your aches and pains get worse?

It can be those stressors, left unattended, that make a molehill into a mountain!

Wonder why your body’s feeling worse for the start of winter? Is it really just the cold weather? Or maybe because you’ve slowed down, no longer solar-powered by the summer fun…and when things don’t move, they seize up.

If nothing changes - nothing changes!

But making a change is hard.

The bit between your ears has a lot to answer for! How can you quieten down your brain? And where do you get motivation and discipline from?

It shouldn’t have to be hard. We use a KISS method - keep it simple and succinct.

Try these favourite mantras:

  • You can’t go wrong getting strong (credit: Adam Meakins)
  • Control your Controllables
  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
  • Motion is Lotion
  • Earn the Burn
  • Minimum muck around, maximum impact!
  • Appropriate and Achievable
  • Tolerably uncomfortable

Are you still thinking….It’s all too hard.

I SHOULD do more exercise.

I don’t have time.

I can’t do that. 

Pooey! I say.

What CAN you do?? You CAN DO hard things.

Let’s make it more practical and simple. Here’s my prescription:

  • Little and often. Be kind to your brain - coach your brain’s meandering thoughts back to the moment.
  • Just 1 minute. Do that thing you want to do more of for 60 seconds a day. And build from there.
  • You count to 10 when you’re patiently waiting for a child to change their behaviour or take an action… Why not do the same for yourself? Repeat often.

If any of this relates to you, we have just the thing!

Move mindfully for maximum impact?

We’ll take the fuss out of it for you. Just keep breathing and follow along.

Core and More is one of our longest-running groups at the clinic. It works!

People love the mindful movement: they come for the relaxation….and stay for the benefits!

When the going gets tough, our physios are there to encourage you to do just a few more reps, hold a little longer, or offer an alternative that is achievable.

The exercises in this class are not big movements and don’t shift heavy weights: you might be surprised by the intensity you can put into an exercise when you do so with focus and awareness.

Wanna try it for yourself?

Core and More classes are held at the clinic 3 times a week.

Mindful movement with minimum equipment.

To get involved, call us on 8682 6665 or book online for your one-on-one assessment.

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