How can you help us - help you?

Person-centred care is important to us at EP Physio Plus. You can expect our focus to be on helping YOU: From your first phone call to our friendly reception team. Through to your individual Physio and/or EP appointments. To referrals or recommendations we make for follow-up treatment such as group exercise.

So, how can you help us, help you?

You’re the expert on your body and your life. We want to capitalise on that expertise, to collaborate with you on the things that matter most to you. We see ourselves as the coach, and you’re the player. What do you need from us?

Get clear on some things before your next Exercise Physiology or Physiotherapy appointment. Have a think about your expectations, talk them over with a friend, even jot down some notes.

Why are you here?

Some people come to us because their doctor, partner, or employer booked the appointment. Sound familiar?

You might then tell us “ I know I should… [lose weight, exercise more, drink less] ", etc

Are you living through someone else’s values? What’s MOST important to you? What do you want?

We’re going to ask you about your expectations, goals, and what helps and what doesn’t.

What do you already know about your problem? What questions do you have?

What treatment has helped before? Do you want manual therapy? What DON’T you like?

Goals should be SMART:


Relate to your MOST VALUED ACTIVITIES….family, work, sport, hobbies.

We usually recommend a change to your habits and activities to change your situation and get the outcome you want. So what are the costs to you, and the benefits for you, of changing? What are the costs/benefits of NOT changing?! If you don’t do exercises recommended for you - then don’t ask for them.

What can you commit to getting the result you’re seeking?

Are you ready for the change? Great! We love helping people move and feel better. We don’t want to waste your time, or ours.

Quick tips:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early if we’ve asked to fill out paperwork on arrival
  • Wear comfortable, clean clothing - as part of your assessment you'll move, and you may need to undress.
  • The most common reason people come to Physio: what is it, and how long is it going to take to get better?
  • A common question for Exercise Physiologists: how can I use exercise to get stronger / faster / more mobile?
  • Be ready to rumble: we may ask personal or reflective questions. What’s your dream result? What’s getting in the way?

We can’t wait to be part of your team!

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