Strong and Steady in 2022.

Are you someone, or do you know someone, who feels weak around the house and unstable on your feet?

If you want to be stronger and steadier, then read this…

In rural communities like ours, it’s shocking that:

  • in 2019, more than 5000 people were admitted to regional public hospitals for injuries after a fall
  • 72% of these people were aged over 65
  • that’s 14 times HIGHER than the number of people (366) admitted to hospital for motor vehicle injuries

(Source: SA Health - data from regional South Australia March 2020.)

BUT: the good news is - falling over doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of ageing. And, muscle strength and mass CAN improve - at any age (see previous blog)

A survey conducted for SA Health in 2015 showed that older people now have a better understanding of the things that can be done to reduce their falls risk, than when a previous survey was conducted in 2007. The actions people know to do include:

  • modifying the home and removing obstacles such as electric cords
  • changing medication
  • using a walking aid
  • having an assessment of balance, walking and/or muscle strength
  • doing regular balance exercises
  • having eyesight/glasses checked regularly
  • increasing physical activity levels. 

Direct quote SA Health: Link Here.

Are you over 50? There is more you can be doing to feel strong and steady!

People who are active and look after their health and their home are protecting themselves against the risk of falls. 

Go through this checklist - what actions could you take to make a change for the better?

You may not know if you are at risk. Early detection of falls risk is important to avoid injury and keep your independence and mobility. Take it a step further by spending a couple of minutes to complete the Are you at risk of falling? Self-screen checklist (PDF 119KB).  Complete it electronically, or Print it out, and take a copy of these results to your next appointment to discuss with your health professional.

This will give you a guide as to how safe you are from falling, and the areas of your health that might need your attention. If you have osteoporosis, your risk of injury may be higher. This checklist is not intended to indicate or assign a level of risk of falls to the individual. (Source: SA Health via link here  Falls and preventing harm from falls.

Concerned by the results? Or do you have a loved one you’d like to see Stronger and Steadier?

Give us a call! Our chair-based exercise sessions might be just the thing to help reduce your risk.

We conduct small group, evidence-based, strength and conditioning sessions every week.

It’s called Strong and Steady!

Every Wednesday 12:20pm - 1pm

$28 per session

  • Chair-based, low-intensity exercise for seniors and elderly clients.
  • Held in our state-of-the-art rehab gym on our clinic premises.
  • Sessions include 30 minutes of balance, strength (resistance), and mobility exercises.
  • Pre- and post- Group testing to track clients’ progress - using balance, strength, and mobility outcome measures.

Cost can be charged to clients privately (class cost is eligible for private health insurance rebates) or through Third Party Providers such as My Aged Care Packages and NDIS.

We welcome all new participants, and returning clients. No GP referral is needed.

To join, simply call our clinic to make a booking 86826665.

Claire and the Team at EP Physio Plus

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